Closet Clothing at Kettners

22 October 2014

The fashion team hosted a press dinner with Closet at Kettners on Thursday 16th October. With 15 press invited for a three course dinner and a champagne reception, the Christmas collection was showcased and SS15 designs sneak-previewed.


A brief brand presentation from the Closet team introduced press to the gothic-glam inspirations for Christmas along with a short welcome from the Brandnation team.


With table settings placed with beautiful branded washbags and a little Closet confectionery, the journalists, Brandnation and Closet ladies were set for a night of fabulous fashion. Once wined and dined, and introduced to the new brand offerings, press were able to take home a pre-selected Closet item of choice to keep them in the party spirit.


With the new-in items soon to go live, check out for your own gothic-glam creation.