Saucony Stride Lab Hits Major Retailer This Week

15 March 2016

Saucony Stride Lab Hits Major Retailer This Week

This week we’ve been down at the Saucony Stride Lab to check out their revolutionary new Gait Analysis technology. Launched on the 7th March in Sweatshop on Trump Street, the lab uses three different cameras to assess a runner’s body position and form.


Those who have signed up for this special opportunity will get a completely free, 30-minute stride analysis that captures every aspect of the runner in motion, from knee flexion to leg extension.


During the analysis, Saucony tech reps will assess the flexibility and rotation aspects of the knees and legs with each stride and will give people a 360-degree understanding of their running profile, going above and beyond traditional gait analysis in order to prescribe the perfect shoe for each and every runner.


The lab will continue through to March 18th and although there are currently no spaces left to book, keep your eyes peeled, as Saucony will release more dates and locations across the very country soon!


There will also be a chance to book to use the lab at the London Marathon Expo between April 20th-23rd.


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