Mantrac Group is the authorised Caterpillar dealer, distributing and supporting Caterpillar construction machines, power systems and material-handling equipment in nine countries spread over three continents.

Brandnation Digital is working with consultants to Mantrac to create a series of complex internal sales incentive schemes, which are rolled out to Mantrac’s sales employees through the world.

The sales incentive schemes are managed through dedicated websites and complex muti-national, multi-language email communications so sales staff can monitor progress wherever they are in the world.


Brandnation Digital has designed the branding and collateral material for several different incentive schemes. Each incentive scheme has its own password protected website, complete with levels of privileged access and items such as leaderboards.

Brandnation Digital has designed email templates and is responsible for tailored weekly mailings and updates for each of the current incentive schemes. We also provide video and photographic content for the individual websites as well as design for presentation graphics and events.