How do you promote international Hug A Tall Person Day? That was the question posed to Brandnation by new client High and Mighty who wished to use the day for an impactful, multi-channel marketing exercise in the UK including retail and online promotion, competitions, PR and social media.


Part of Brandnation’s answer lay in the creation of a tongue firmly in cheek ‘how to’ video guide – ‘How To Hug A Tall Person’ which demonstrates just how to get hugging with those of stature.

Part of the appeal of a video was its adaptability to different promotional channels and its potential for brand ‘cut through’.

The final video written, cast, produced and directed by Brandnation Productions features our Mr High (real-life giant Lydon Sutcliffe who stands at a whopping 7ft 1ins) matched with a cute, but diminutive girlfriend desperate to hug him.

So far the video has been featured in over 30 online media outlets, retweeted by hundreds including celebrities such as Geri Halliwell and viewed on YouTube by over 30,000 people.